Scary bus stop

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Scary bus stop

CREATED Aug. 12, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.-  Four in your corner getting results for one parent, terrified for his daughter's safety.  

A 14 year old girl's bus stop is located in a neighborhood known for violent crime along with more than a dozen registered pedophiles.

It only took one morning at this particular bus stop at Carmen and Heidi Lee Lane in South Fort Myers, for a father to know he couldn't take no for an answer from the school district and reached out to Fox 4... begging for help.
James Lincoln said "somebody approached our vehicle and asked us if we were straight. and I said what do you mean... I've got some heroin or coke if you want it.  I said no! take a hike. this is a bus stop!"
Lincoln's step, daughter Chelsea,  waited for her ride to school last Thursday and said once was enough.
She said "you get a bad feeling being in there... like your being watched."
The Lincoln's live three blocks north of the bus stop.
She has to walk down busy San Carlos boulevard to get there.  
The neighborhood with the bus stop is noted for being not only an easy place to score drugs,  but also has more than a dozen registered sex offenders living there.
Lincoln wants to know why the bus can't just stop on his street.  That's what the "middle" school bus does already.
He points out that "it aint that hard.. they're driving by here... they can stop."
Fox 4 reached out to the school district and explained the situation.
The school district admitted that their bus router made a mistake and they could take care of the problem immediately.
James Lincoln and his family couldn't be more relieved and said "I'm ecstatic with you guys.. thank you so much!"
The school district is hauling more than 60,000 students a day and admits that there might be some hic-ups but they are determined to get it right.
Parents are encouraged to file a bus stop change order with their principle and then that will be forwarded to the transportation department.  
They promise to get an answer back within one week.
Warren Wright