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SWFL motorcyclists take group ride to promote safety

Sara Belsole

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SWFL motorcyclists take group ride to promote safety

CREATED Oct. 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2013
FORT MYERS, Fla. - The brutal New York City road rage video has sent shock waves across the country.
The whole incident, which shows bikers dragging a driver out of his car and beating him in front of his wife and daughter, hits a little too close to home for local motorcycle groups.
"I was disgusted by the whole event," Wayne Cerra, President of the Southwest Florida Chapter of ABATE said.
ABATE, or American Bikers Aimed Towards Education, works to promote safety and give motorcyclists a positive image. Rider Biffle Davis said the video does the exact opposite.
"It makes me upset for the people who see that because they tend to think all motorcyclists are like that," Davis said.
So to prove that's not the case, ABATE goes on group rides at least twice a month. Sunday, they headed to Venice to meet up with other ABATE chapters for the 'Can You See Me Now' ride.
"The whole purpose of today's ride is so people are aware that motorcycles are out there and they are everywhere," Cerra said.
Fox 4 asked Cerra, on a scale of one to ten, how safe does he feel on the roads?
"Two," Cerra responded. "Too many distractions out there and it's not just the cell phones, it's eating, putting on makeup."
So riders say they will always have to be on the defensive.
"I believe everyone in front of me will kill me and half the people behind me will kill me so I drive very safely," Davis said.
That means checking their mirrors, using proper hand signals and stopping at all intersections. ABATE also made sure every rider knew the route and what to do if they got into trouble before leaving for Venice. Because each successful group ride brings ABATE one step closer to their goal.
"The more we're out there, the more people realize the more we are sharing the road," Cerra said.
For more information on ABATE and the upcoming ride on October 19, log onto