How safe are Lee County schools?

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How safe are Lee County schools?

CREATED Aug. 21, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - One Southwest Florida dad says it was too easy for him to walk into his son's middle school and take his son home from after-school basketball practice at Gulf Middle School.

"I walked in there, said Joey come on, and some kind of staff member didn't ask who I was, what I was there for, didn't ask for my ID, nothing," Jason Jones said.

Jones said he is concerned.

"They didn't know who I was, I could have been anyone, I could have been a neighbor picking him up illegally," Jones said.
And after an Atlanta man walked into an elementary school with almost 500 rounds of ammo Tuesday, Jones wants to know what Lee County schools are doing to keep his son safe.
Fox 4 took Jones' concerns to the Lee County School District. They told us a school's security plan depends on the students' ages and the time of day.
"We expect a middle school student to be able to recognize who they should go home with so there isn't as much as checking ID at that point, obviously if they come in during the day to pick a child up from class, we will do it at that point," Dr. Greg Adkins, Lee County Schools Assistant Superintendent of Operations, said.
Elementary schools have the tightest security when it comes to picking up students. And while schools may be a little less secure during after-school hours, the district says it is reviewing ways to amp up security.
"Trying to get down to that one point of security in most of our facilities so people only have one point of entry if they're going to pick up students and it would be monitored," Adkins said.
It's changes like these that the district said have made our schools more secure each year.
"It's very important, not only ongoing discussion, but also ongoing training," Adkins said.