Professor reprimands Lee County Sheriff

Warren Wright

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Professor reprimands Lee County Sheriff

CREATED Sep. 6, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott getting called out for his words and tone with African American leaders lately.

He's publicly challenged the local president of the naacp over a pro-slavery leader's portrait on display in a county building. and he sent  public emails to FGCU president Dr. Wilson Bradshaw, who's black,  about a college hip hop concert. 
The sheriff chastised him, writing quote "you run the show there brad, not the students" and quote "i would think that you would be especially opposed to anyone ... that spews the "N-word." 
Dr. Peter Bergerson from FGCU said "The emails the sheriff sent really don't reflect professional adult behavior of someone who wants to be an inclusive person.  It would not be in the category of even respect towards the recipients of the e-mail whether it's the NAACP or President Bradshaw."
Dr. Bergerson is a published author on several papers dealing with public relations, as well as political races.