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One dead after motorcycle crash in Fort Myers

Barry Miller

One dead after motorcycle crash in Fort Myers

CREATED Sep. 24, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 24, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - One man has died after a motorcycle accident Tuesday night.

It happened just after seven in downtown Fort Myers on the corner of First Street and Royal Palm avenue.

Fort Myers police learned that the driver of a Honda sedan was traveling on Fowler Street and turned right onto First Street in front of a motorcyclist.

According to witnesses the motorcyclist got mad and tried to pass the Honda. The motorcyclist struck a median, lost control and hit a light pole.

The man was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital where he died from injuries sustained in the crash.

Investigators say the motorcyclist was at fault for the crash and that road rage was a factor.

In addition, it was raining at the time of the crash and the roads were wet.

The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet.