Oasis school teacher speaks out!

Warren Wright

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Oasis school teacher speaks out!

CREATED Sep. 16, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- An Oasis middle school teacher whose husband was arrested for bringing guns on campus is now speaking out!  

She's responding to allegations that she broke school policy.
Shay Pearson loves being a teacher, but she says a school policy is being unfairly twisted to persecute her.
Now she's speaking out, along with the school president of the parent-teacher organization.
Pearson says "There's probably a lot of things I could do employment wise but I love being there with the students. I love being there with my own children.. .my own children go to school there."
Shay Pearson has been reduced to tears.
She is afraid of her soon to be ex-husband who is now in jail.
And now she is unable to go back to school and teach because she's also under investigation.
She allowed Justin Marecz into her school to help with a fundraiser for the parent teacher organization.
Pearson says Marecz is a friend of a friend -- who never told her he was a felon when he offered to pass out fliers and move furniture in her classroom the week before school started.
Marecz then presented her with a form to be notarized... to document the volunteer hours for what he said was a traffic citation.  
Pearson said she thought the request for a notary was different. "I've never done it before, I went to my PTO president and asked if it was something we were allowed to do which she said, we're non profit and the volunteer hours were volunteer hours and she didn't see why not -that I could go ahead write the letter."
The PTO president said she was grateful for the help while school was not in session.
Vanessa Metzger, PTO president says "We needed the help to get the fliers out there. i work a full time job.  Shay was working - we needed the help... lets get it done."
But now Pearson is on paid administrative leave as the school investigates whether she broke policy by allowing a felon onto school grounds -- even though school was not in session.
Superintendent Angela Pruitt said  "In my mind if a policy was violated then the piece of whether children were there are not is not what the issue is."
Pearson says she hasn't violated any policy and can't understand why she's being investigated.
Pearson points out that "In order to volunteer with the students, yes there's supposed to be a background check. That's my understanding.
OK...not when schools out... no."
Pearson's attorney points out that some parents are afraid of Shay's husband... but it would be easier to just to get rid of Shay herself.
Mike Chionpoulos, Shay's attorney says "She would have never brought him on campus with kids - without following the protocol. so what she did was not wrong. The problem is the school is now on a witch hunt. because her husband engaged in criminal misconduct." 
Shay Pearson has been on administrative leave for the past week.
Warren Wright