North Fort. Myers underwater and bracing for more rain

Sara Belsole

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North Fort. Myers underwater and bracing for more rain

CREATED Sep. 24, 2013

NORTH FT. MYERS, Fla. - Flooded pastures and muddy trails, almost all of Cowboy Up Ranch's ten acres are underwater.

"In 18 years, this is the worst summer I can recall," ranch owner Cindy Johnson said.
Since dry grazing space is limited, Johnson keeps the horses in the stables as much as possible. But the standing water is already causing damage to their hooves.
"The hole in the hoof, it's from being soft for so long it's creating a cavity," Johnson said.
It's also affecting their skin. The horses are covered in hives from fire ant bites.
Just down the street from the ranch, Attila Kalmar is dealing with flooding problems of his own.
"It looks like a total mess," Kalmar said.
The creek that runs behind his house is overflowing, dumping water into his backyard.
"Usually when I wake up in the morning I go for a run, but when I saw this water I thought maybe I should just do 20 laps swimming," Kalmar said.
With more rain expected, things could get even worse. Lee County Emergency Management says it's bracing for sheet flow.
"We watch very closely to make sure all of the drainage in place, sewers and culverts and things like that, are kept clean so that water can move out of the system and not just sit down," Rob Farmer, Director of Public Safety for Lee County, said.
Officials said they are actively keeping their eyes on parts of the county that are being hit the hardest, like North Fort Myers.
"Taking phone calls from concerned residents, distributing that information to fire districts so they can participate in evaluating the areas residents are concerned about," Farmer said.
Meanwhile Cowboy Up Ranch is praying this is the end.
"I am hoping, I am praying this is the end of the season for us, that when October rolls around it's over." Johnson said.