No flood relief for residents along the Lee-Charlotte Co. line

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No flood relief for residents along the Lee-Charlotte Co. line

CREATED Sep. 28, 2013

CHARLOTTE CO, Fla. - Residents that live along the Lee-Charlotte Co. line say they have not received any relief for flooded roads and where they live is the reason. 

"I went through Hurricane Charlie out here and we never had this kinda water," said John McAffe.

John McAffe and his family called Fox 4 out to Huffmaster Rd. for the story, but the Fox news vehicle couldn't make it all the way out to them.

The water was just too deep.

"18 inches, maybe [more]," said McAfee, "It will go over the hood of a car."

McAfee says he's put several calls into the county since the rain started pouring a few weeks ago, but so far there hasn't been any relief. 

"We're not asking for  any super highway or nothing just some gravel down the middle so the road is passable," said McAfee.

He and others in the community tell Fox 4, they are likely being overlooked because of where they live.

"I feel like I'm getting treated unjustly, unfair," said McAfee.

Their community is situated along Huffmaster Rd, a back street that sits right on the Lee-Charlotte County line. Residents tell Fox 4 whether or not you receive relief depends on which side of the county line you live on.

"Lee County fixes their side of the county line," said Danny Johnson, "Charlotte County will not do nothing!"

Johnson is so worried the water will flood his car, that he met our crews along the road in something he calls a "swamp buggy."

Johnson says he isn't the only one having a hard time getting through the mess. He  says he called 9-1-1 last week when he felt sudden chest pain and had to wait over an hour for help.

He says the flooding was too deep for ambulances, dispatchers had to arrange to send a brush fire truck.

"I felt like if I'd have been having a heart attack I would have been dead before they got there," said Johnson.