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Naples woman stranded in Mexican hospital recovering at home

Sara Belsole

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Naples woman stranded in Mexican hospital recovering at home

CREATED Dec. 16, 2013

NAPLES, Fla. - After spending days stuck in a Mexican hospital and not getting the treatment she needed, a Naples woman is finally home.

28-year-old Sarah Sciandra was on a Carnival cruise ship when she suffered massive internal bleeding.

She was rushed to a hospital when the ship landed in Cozumel.

Doctors were able to operate on Sciandra, but she lost a lot of blood.

The hospital told her family it didn't have enough blood for a transfusion.

Her family then wanted to airlift her home on a medical flight, but her insurance didn't cover the costs.

Senator Bill Nelson's Office got involved late last week.

He was able to get the hospital to give Sciandra the blood transfusion so she was stable enough to fly.

Carnival paid for her return flight.

Sciandra's family says she is now resting in her Naples home.

She was examined by a doctor when she got back and she should make a full recovery.