Naples business owner concerned over Internet engine search

Julie Salomone

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Naples business owner concerned over Internet engine search

CREATED Aug. 30, 2013

NAPLES, Fla.- A Naples business owner is questioning why she is being associated with a truck rental company.

Elizabeth Bloch is a captain with Naples Sailing Adventures and lately she's been cruising for answers and wondering why she's being associated with the wrong business.

"Several months ago, I got a phone call from somebody looking to rent a truck but I assumed they misdialed my number," said Bloch. 

Now Elizabeth says she has received at least 5 phone calls from people inquiring about the same thing.
"I'll be out on a sailing charter and be answering calls for truck rentals." 
If you search "truck rentals Naples, FL" and her phone number online her name pops up, but it is misspelled. 
"My first name is not spelled correctly and it's the way Comcast usually spells my name on the bills so I'm assuming somehow Comcast gives out this info through the Internet and other companies and search engines picked it up." 
Fox 4 took those concerns to Comcast. In a statement, a spokesperson writes. "We have very strict policies pertaining to protecting our customers' information and we absolutely do not release or provide any customer data or information." Comcast also tells Fox 4 they are looking into her account to see if there's any issues that would explain her concerns. A spokesperson also mentions the issue could lie in the way a search engine organizes data. 
"i don't know if there's any way, given the way the Internet works to actually get it off the Internet, but if we can find the sources."
Fox also reached out to the Better Business Bureau to see if they might have any insight into why Elizabeth is being associated with the wrong business.