More drug deaths linked to Molly

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More drug deaths linked to Molly

CREATED Sep. 6, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.-  A popular drug that's showing up in clubs and in songs your kids might be hearing on the radio -- is believed to be responsible for killing three people in just the past week.

Its called Molly... its a  purified form of a drug that's been around since the mid-80's, also knows as Ecstasy.
But Molly is anything but the girl next door.
Miley Cyrus sings about the designer drug Molly in her new hit song "we can't stop."
With lyrics like "we like to party.... Dancing with Molly...!"
But this party anthem has a downbeat.
At an out door music festival in New York this past weekend, the friendly sounding drug Molly, is linked to at least two deaths, with four others hospitalized.  
Another molly related death happened in Boston late last month -- and investigators believe a college sophomore died Saturday after taking Molly in Washington D-C.   
Dr. Howard Samuels is the CEO of The Hills Treatment Center.
He says "Molly goes to another level as far as potency is concerned, it makes it extremely dangerous to the body, because with MDMA, the body creates heat... this drug creates the body to overheat, and the more the body overheats, especially in theses environments that are so hot to begin with, it can create death, heart attack and the body just tires out."
Its not clear yet, but it seems the latest batch of Molly coming out underground laboratories is highly toxic... making local substance abuse counselors concerned.
College kids are particularly vulnerable.
Here in Southwest Florida, its the perfect combination: you've got sand, sun, a lot of booze, and a lot of parties.
Kids are looking for that perfect high.
Austin Pflager likes coming to Fort Myers beach and says Molly definitely gets around.
He says"It amplifies the mood, it gets you more into having a party and it gets you  more energetic .  it makes you want to drink more, party more.  I think its popular  around college kids because it's something to do instead of sitting around being boring when you're on spring break."
But law enforcement fears that boredom could lead to some deadly experimenting.
One former addict says of all the drugs he's taken... molly scares him the most.
Recovering Drug Addict, Louie Sabatasso says "People don't know how they are going to react to Molly.  It's the kind of a drug that you don't know if you've never taken it how you're going to react to it.  You could be one of those people its gong to kill immediately.  Absolutely, totally, so in that respect it's far more dangerous than other drugs."
Drug counselors say its hard to trace where molly is made because its most likely coming in from European countries.
Warren Wright