Money trail for Political flyer

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Money trail for Political flyer

CREATED Oct. 17, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A group called Floridians for Conservative values sent out a flyer claiming Obama operatives want to take over city hall.

Elections records show Florida Crystals gave the group $100,000.00.
Floridians for Conservative Values spokesman Randy Nielsen out of West Palm Beach said his organization spent $6,000.00 on the flyer. 
Their organization is about promoting conservative values and getting conservative politicians elected.
Dr. Laura Weir a political science professor from Edison State said this about something bigger: "these folks that are putting the flyers out. absolutely enjoy the status quo.. because its manageable."
The status quo means millions of tax breaks and subsidies for the sugar industry, which enjoys protection from tougher pollution standards.  
Political science professor Laura Weir says new faces in office could put all that in jeopardy.
Weir points out that "when somebody comes in and says I have some new ideas... that will change the status quo... then that's going to shake things up."
The group behind this flyer acknowledges that. 
In fact, their spokesperson said when council member Levon Simms unexpectedly lost re-election recently... it "showed up on our radar." 
Weir asks"is it worth spending the money on this mayoral race to make sure it stays comfortably predictable.... Yes!  Its making people nervous."
Even though Floridians for Conservative Values claim they don't endorse specific candidates, the group says it will spend even more money on the mayor's race. 
They say Florida Crystals, which has provided a third of its funding over the past two years, does not dictate how the money is spent.