State of emergency declared: what you need to know


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State of emergency declared: what you need to know

By Christy Dimond. CREATED Sep 26, 2013

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Lee County Board of Commissioners have declared a Local State of Emergency after recent rainfall has left many areas of the county underwater. The declaration, effective for the next seven days, allows the Emergency Operations Center to work with the Department of Transportation and use public funds to intervene on severely damaged private roads. 

"We are not going to get into the business over the next two days of repairing all of the roads in the county but specifically ones that meet criteria of being impassible by emergency vehicles," said Rob Farmer, Director of Public Safety for Lee County.
When a resident reports concerns about a specific road, the local fire district will bring a brush truck out to drive the road.  If the truck can't make it through, the county will bring gravel to fill holes where water has filled up. Farmer said life threatening situations are the concern.
"If there was a life safety emergency at the end of the road could they respond, it doesn't necessarily have to be that they're responding full speed but could they safely get there?" Farmer said. 
County officials are currently working to put down gravel on the following roads: 
  • Jamie Road, North Ft. Myers
  • Skipper Road, North Ft. Myers
  • Ruden Road, North Ft. Myers
  • Baughman Lane, North Ft. Myers
  • Henderson Grade Road, North Ft. Myers
  • Dosonte Lane, North Ft. Myers
  • Leetana Road, North Ft. Myers
If residents are concerned about a road being impassible, they are encouraged to contact their local fire district, or the Emergency Operations Center at 239-533-3622. 
  • Alva Fire and Rescue                                                              (239) 728-2223
  • Bayshore Fire Protection & Rescue Service District              (239) 543-3443
  • Boca Grande Fire Control District                                          (941) 964-2908
  • Bonita Springs Fire Control & Rescue District                        (239) 335-3911                      
  • Cape Coral Fire Rescue & EMS                                              (239) 574-0501
  •  Captiva Island Fire Control District                                        (239) 472-9494
  • City of Fort Myers Fire Department                                       (239) 321-7311
  • Estero Fire Rescue                                                                  (239) 390-8000
  • Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District                                  (239) 590-4200
  • Fort Myers Shores Fire & Rescue Control District                 (239) 694-2833  
  • Iona McGregor Fire District                                                   (239) 433-0660
  • Lehigh Acres Fire Control & Rescue District                          (239) 303-5300
  • Matlacha-Pine Island Fire Control District                             (239) 283-0030
  • North Fort Myers Fire Control & Rescue District                   (239) 997-8654
  • San Carlos Park Fire Protection & Rescue Service                 (239) 267-7525
  • Sanibel Fire and Rescue District                                             (239) 472-5525
  • South Trail Fire Protection and Rescue Service District         (239) 433-0080
  • Tice Fire & Rescue District                                                     (239) 694-2380
  • Upper Captiva Fire & Rescue Service District                        (239) 472-8899
  • Useppa Island Fire Rescue                                                      (239) 314-6999 

Lee Civic Center has been setup as an animal shelter for large animals needing dry surroundings. Before arriving, call Jeannie Brawn at 239-340-8239.