Local Pastor's book inspires churches around the world

Sara Belsole

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Local Pastor's book inspires churches around the world

CREATED Sep. 15, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 16, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Pastor Matt Keller knows what it's like to be an underdog.

"We were a church that shouldn't have worked," Keller said.

But it did.

Keller and his wife started Next Level Church 11 and a half years ago in a coffee shop. Now thousands worship there every week.

This weekend the chruch is celebrating the launch of a six week series focusing on Keller's book, God of the Underdogs.
"It is a book about overcoming your excuses, living your destiny and changing your world," Keller said.
The book is already changing the world. More than 400 churches world-wide are teaching his messgae, reaching more than 115,000 people.
"The dream was we could see 200 churches do the series, like we thought that is the top, that's the craziest wildest hope and so when this thing moved across 200 and 300 and 400 we were like what is going on," Keller said.
Daycia Richey said she's not suprised the underdog story has leaped over all expectations because the message is so strong.
"No excuses that you're too young, no excuses that you can't do it, not excuses that your parents don't support you and just chase after it," Richey said.
Being an underdog herself, Richey said it's easy for young adults to lose their way.
"It's just a blessing to be a 21 years old and have a pastor who truly believes in you. My generation is the underdogs so he is 100% for us and whatever dream God has placed inside your heart  just chase after it," Richey said,
Keller said he won't stop chasing his dream either. Next Level Church is building a second church in Fort Myers and Keller is already working on his second book.
"We feel like the future is bright and we just really believe in the message of the underdogs and feel like it's a message everyone can relate to and our hope is that something in the message will inspire people, give them hope and a belief that they can change the world," Keller said.
To order God of the Underdogs, log onto theunderdogsbook.com/. For more information on Next Level Church,  log onto www.nextlevelchurch.com/