Heavy rains flood Cape streets leaving many agitated

Gabrielle Sarann

Photo: Video by fox4now.com

Heavy rains flood Cape streets leaving many agitated

CREATED Sep. 23, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - All this rain is swamping some southwest Florida neighborhoods, especially in Cape Coral.  

For Kevin Farley, visiting from Ohio, a few hours in the pool is priceless. 

"You just lay there, put your arms in those things and your whole body relaxes," described Farley. "You can just feel the tension just leave."

Not today. Torrential rains and lightening made him think twice about going for a swim.

"Every time I'd think about it, the thunder would come and I'd chicken out," added Farley.

The downpours also mean Celia Targarona's street on SW 4th Terrace becomes submerged with water, leaving her hesitant to leave the house. 

"The car is going to stop and I'm going to get stuck in that flood," said Targarona, about her concerns.

Cars at Trafalgar and Chiquita experienced waters rising well above their tires. It's why the city's warning drivers about the risk of hydroplaning and losing control of their vehicle. 

"I'm definitely concerned about hydroplaning," said Carrie Lambert, of Cape Coral. "I'm happy we have new tires on our car."

Another Cape driver, Chris Morgan, added, "It's nerve wracking, especially when you have kids in your car and you're afraid of other people driving and not slowing down."

Back at the house, Kevin Farley was ready to head back up north.

"It's not nice to leave Florida in crappy weather but that happens this time of year," concluded Farley.

Meteorologists say the rain is expected to linger through Wednesday.