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Governor Scott speaks to Fox 4 about remarks from Jesse Jackson

Julie Salomone

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Governor Scott speaks to Fox 4 about remarks from Jesse Jackson

CREATED Aug. 2, 2013
NAPLES, Fla.- Governor Rick Scott is calling for an apology from Rev. Jesse Jackson after comments he made during a protest at the state capitol. Jackson condemned Florida for the "Stand Your Ground" law. 
Rev. Jackson visited Tallahassee earlier this week to support Dream Defenders, a group holding a sit in at the state capitol after the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. It's what he said there that has Governor Rick Scott asking for an apology. 
"He owes us an apology. He owes everybody in the state an apology for what he said," said Governor Rick Scott. 

Dream Defenders is calling for the repeal of the state's "Stand Your Ground" law. At the state capitol, Rev. Jackson compared Florida to the battleground of the Civil Rights Movement, Selma, Alabama. 
"This is the Selma of our time. This is a transformative moment for this time," said Jackson.
To add to it, he also compared Governor Rick Scott to then Governor of Alabama George Wallace who was against Civil Rights and called for a boycott of Florida altogether. 
"Extremely disappointing that someone like Jessie Jackson comes into our state and attacks everyone of our citizens," said Scott.
The Governor says without an official apology from Jackson any conversation would only reward Jackson for making irresponsible insults. 
"How disappointing. Here is an individual that doesn't live in our state, came into our state and said we are not the place where people want to live," said Scott. 
Jackson said in the past he will not apologize.