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Fort Myers vs Cape Coral

Warren Wright

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Fort Myers vs Cape Coral

CREATED Oct. 4, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Its been more than a month ... and still no answers from the city of Fort Myers.

We want to know if the Lee County Sheriff's Office is really handling more than 40 calls each day -- meant for the Fort Myers Police Department.  
The Sheriff says his numbers are accurate but city officials openly doubted the Sheriff.  
41 calls per day... that's how many 9-1-1 calls from Fort Myers roll-over to the Sheriff's office.
The Fort Myers police chief says that number seems too high.
And the city manager has said in the past that he would get to the bottom of it "promptly".
So far... nothing.
In a memo obtained by Fox 4, the Sheriff outlines his concerns to county and city leaders, he says, from January 1st to August 25th, nearly 10,000 9-1-1 calls from within the city of Fort Myers have been answered by Sheriff operators... Averaging 41 calls a day. 
Of those, he points out about seven require a deputy response.
In a time of severe budget cuts, the Sheriff says he's everyone's safety net.
But mayor Randy Henderson questions those numbers.
When asked if he would you consider 41 calls a day a lot? he said "I dont know what to measure that against!"
Well, heres something to measure it against.
Here is how Cape Coral compares to Fort Myers when it comes to rollover calls to the Sheriff's office.
The City of Cape Coral is more than 115-square miles -- and has a population of more than 160,000.
Fort Myers?
Its only 49 square miles -- population just under 66,000.
According to Sheriff logs, county operators take nearly 42 calls per day meant for Fort Myers operators.  
Compare that to just under 8 calls per day from cape coral.  
And remember -- Cape Coral has nearly 100-thousand more residents.
Fox 4 news has reached out to the Fort Myers police department for some perspective.  
They aren't willing to answer any questions about the issue.  
But one issue you'll be answering is whether to consolidate the FMPD into the Lee County Sheriff's Office.  
That referendum is up for a vote on November 5TH.
Warren Wright