Caught on camera: Mayor vs. Challenger

Warren Wright

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Caught on camera: Mayor vs. Challenger

CREATED Oct. 21, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.-  A meltdown in the Fort Myers City Council chambers.  

Mayor Randy Henderson speaking his mind and shaking his finger at challenger Raimond Aulen this afternoon. 
It's no secret the race for Fort Myers mayor has become heated.   
Mayor Henderson's frustration over his opponent's decision to not debate him came to a head.  
Mayor Henderson walked up to his opponent, Raimond Aulen and had this to say:
Randy Henderson says "Lets debate. Lets debate.  You scared. you won't let your client debate me?  Whats the matter with you?  You're a bigger man.  Come on ...Go on back to North Georgia. 
We need to have a debate... A campaign is about a debate... telling the citizens about whats going on.   Your scared!"
Phil Nichols, Aulen's campaign manager said: "Why don't you tell the citizens the truth?"
Randy Henderson says: "Lets get into a debate.  Lets get into a debate.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself... 
Raimond Aulen says: "I'm not ashamed."
Randy Henderson says: "Lets you and I debate..."
Phil Nichols says: "Lets get out of here."
Randy Henderson: "Yeah... you better get out of here... you aint worth a you know what!  lets debate... lets debate... that's what i want.  You better get ready for a debate... were going to have one this week. were going to have three. "
Fox 4 News is not aware of any more debates scheduled.
Afterwards, Raimond Aulen was asked:  why hasn't there been a debate?
He explained that he and the mayor met last week at the Presbyterian Homes for Seniors for what was a question and answer session.
But Aulen says "that meeting turned ugly... much like it did this afternoon... " and doesn't feel like anything productive will come of a future meeting.
Mayor Henderson says its critical that everyone see the two of them together in one place to demonstrate competency and experience.