Flooding on Hancock Bridge Parkway closes road

Julie Salomone

Flooding on Hancock Bridge Parkway closes road

CREATED Sep. 24, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- The rainy weather creating obstacles for drivers across Southwest Florida. Neighbors living on Hancock Bridge Parkway in Cape Coral are experiencing major flooding and they want to know why their road is such a problem.

Roger Reyes lives on Hancock Bridge Parkway. He watched the water creep up his driveway. 

"We got about a foot and a half of water here since last night. I came back around 6pm in the afternoon and all of this flooded," said Reyes.
Homeowners woke up to barricades blocking off a portion of Hancock Bridge near Northeast 8th Place. 
"You see drivers come by...crazy drivers. It's just ridiculous. I don't want to see anybody hurt," said Reyes. 
Reyes says he's lived in his Cape Coral home for about a year. 
"What would you like to see done?" asked Fox 4 reporter Julie Salomone.
"I want them to fix the drainage, don’t care about anything else." 
The flooding isn't just a hassle for homeowners and drivers. Bicyclists got stuck in the water which is up to their ankles.
"Should have worn my rain boots. This is crazy," said Kerri Schroeder, bicyclist. 
Fox 4 contacted the city to see if any storm water improvements will be made to the street. Residents are waiting for that answer, but their patience is wearing thing.
"Flooding for 10-15 minutes...I'm okay with that, but it's been like this since last night," said Reyes.