Final day of Pirate Fest 2013


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Final day of Pirate Fest 2013

By Chris Day. CREATED Oct 13, 2013

Fort Myers Beach, Fla. - After a full weekend of beer and beards, pirate fest 2013 has come to a close. last year pirate fest was in jeopardy after vendors missed the deadline to get a liquor license, and while land lubbers had their liquor this year... the open water turned out a little more murky that normal. But that didn't stop these pirates.

"my two ships out here the black duck and the black pearl, have been at odds with the pieces of eight for many many"

Captain Robert Flood tells Fox 4 this is isn't the first time he's had to fight off the pirate ship known as "Pieces of Eight", but this year, he captured its captain.

"I've got him holed up over there in that tent, and we're not letting him go, we have a pistol to his head!"

On the other side of pirate fest the thieves market was bigger than ever this year, with more than 40 vendors. We ran into one such vendor, a gypsy named Angelina.

"Things that we've made, or purchased that goes along with being a gypsy, so that you could really be your own gypsy, and get everything you need right here!"

And while most gypsies and pirates love to play the part at pirate fest, some choose not to. Scarlett Cooke sells artisan hats and tells us, she's keeping her name.

"Once upon a time I tried to have a different name, and it just didn't work, i'm bridgett, i'll always be bridgett"



Chris Day

Chris Day

Chris Day is a video journalist for FOX 4