Feral pigs invade Cape Coral gated community

Christy Dimond

Photo: Video by fox4now.com

Feral pigs invade Cape Coral gated community

CREATED Sep. 10, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - One community in Cape Coral has some new neighbors- eight feral pigs.  Residents in Banyan Trace started seeing the pigs about four days ago.  Banyan Trace sits on the old golf couse that closed six years ago and has since become an overgrown home for several species of animals, according to neighbors. 

"The golf course has turned into what I like to call a Cape Coral everglades," said Banyan Trace resident Red Hutcherson. 
Hutcherson said he has seen a group of eight pigs roaming the community.  
"I don't think many people here, if any, have taken to liking them... they know what wild pigs can be when they grow up and they can be mighty bad," Hutcherson said. 
Pigs aren't the only animals invading neighborhoods around the course.  Joseph Lukas, who lives in a home on the other end of the course, said he's seen poisonous snakes and spiders in the old fairway by his home. 
"I have a German Shepard and I have a Boxer and I kind of worry about them back here truthfully, I don't want them to get bit by spiders or snakes or anything else," Lukas said. 
Whether spiders, snakes or pigs, neighbors said it all just points to how much has changed since the land once was a prime hot-spot in town.
"It's just the thing of having bought a golf course community and it's not a golf course community anymore," Hutcherson said. 
The 175-acre course is currently owned by Gulf Venture, LLC.  No official plans are in the works to redevelop the land or rebuild the course.