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Electronics make tax-free list for first time

Sara Belsole

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Electronics make tax-free list for first time

CREATED Aug. 4, 2013
FORT MYERS, Fla. - "Computers have been absolutely psycho the entire weekend, very busy, a lot of fun," Best Buy Mobile Consultant Alyssa Zobel said.
Zobel has her work cut out for her this weekend. It's been tax-free mayhem since Friday.
"Mostly what we've seen is computers, tablets are pretty hot write now, our wireless speakers and headphones are tax free right now so that's been a huge thing we have been selling a lot of. But definitely computers, they have been flying off the shelves," Zobel said.
In the past years, you could get school supplies up to $15 and clothing and shoes up to $75 without the added tax on your bill. But this year, electronics up to $750 were added to the list.
It was a nice surprise for shopper Benjamin Wanbaugh and his daughter Lauren.
"It's very exciting, I was approached at the door and we didn't know about it until we got here and then when we saw it I said you have more purchase power right now," Benjamin Wanbaugh said.
Lauren is about to start the sixth grade at Gateway Charter School and is in the market for a target.
"We are deciding on which we are getting," Lauren Wanbaugh said.
But no matter which one she picks, Benjamin will get a deal and Lauren will get some help on her homework this school year.
"It's portable so you can research anything anywhere so it will make it much easier," Lauren Wanbaugh said.
The tax-free weekend ends Sunday night.