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Edison State College soon to be Florida Southwestern State College?

Christy Dimond

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Edison State College soon to be Florida Southwestern State College?

CREATED Sep. 20, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Edison State College could soon be called Florida Southwestern State College.  According to a document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Edison State College's Board of Trustees applied for the rights to the new name on July 22nd.  School administrators declined to discuss the matter until after Tuesday's Board of Trustee's meeting, but the proposed name is already getting mixed reviews. 

"Edison's been known by this name for a long time, I don't think they should change it," said freshman Lyn Santfleur. 
Some students say the new name is a mouthfull to pronouce. 
"I don't really care for it, I think it's too long and it just doesn't sound good," said student John Merritt. 
Freshman Daniel Drumm said he doesn't mind the name change as long as the quality of the school remains the same. 
English Professor Marty Ambrose said the name change is needed. 
"It would just be a fresh name for students to register... and to be honest, separate us from some of the more negative things from the last couple years and just give us a chance for a fresh start," Ambrose said. 
Still, some students question how much the name change would cost.  School officials would not give an exact price tag until after Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting.