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Domestic incidents often the most dangerous

Christy Dimond

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Domestic incidents often the most dangerous

CREATED Aug. 6, 2013

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - Deputy Michael Wilson of Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has become the most recent victim of a domestic violence death.  Experts say domestic incidents are often the most dangerous incidents to respond to because officers face so many unknown factors when responding.

"There's a reason they call them domestic violence calls because they're violent in nature and very volatile," said Lt. Larry King with Lee County Sheriff's Office. 
Just last week, a Bonita Springs woman was shot while deputies responded to a domestic violence incident.  In June, police shot an armed Cape Coral man while responding to reports of an argument between the man and his wife. In May, Arthur Hohensee fired multiple shots at his wife and daughter in their Gateway home before lighting the house on fire and fatally shooting himself. All of these situations highlight why experts say domestic incidents can be the most dangerous and unpredictable incidents. 
Lt. King says officers try to have as much information as possible before responding, but sometimes several factors aren't known. 
"Are there kids involved? Is this something that's been ongoing? Is this a physical altercation or is it just arguing? Are there weapons involved?" Lt. King said. 
He says law enforcement can either help or perpetuate the danger, depending on how those involved respond when officers arrive.  
With a tragedy like the one involving Deputy Wilson, it's a reminder of how much law enforcement officers put on the line everyday. 
"There's not one of us who doesn't leave our families each and every day knowing that this could be the day, so we take it very seriously," Lt. King said.