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Coalition of Immokalee Workers protests Wendy's

Sara Belsole

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Coalition of Immokalee Workers protests Wendy's

CREATED Aug. 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug. 3, 2013
ESTERO, Fla. - The Coalition of Immokalee Workers gathered in front of the Wendy's in Estero Saturday asking for justice and respect.
"We want Wendy's to join its other competitors that already apart of the Fair Food Program," farm worker Carmen Esquivel said.
The Fair Food Program is an initiative that supports corporations paying an extra penny per pound to help improve working conditions, increase wages and stop forced labor for tomato growers.
"For us, one cent more is another spoonful of food in the pot to be able to feed our families," Esquivel said.
Other fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, Taco Bell and Burger King have already signed on.
"Wendy's with their social justice and foster children that they support, I don't understand how they can no support farm workers and their families," Linda McDonald, with Interfaith Action, said.
McDonald stood side-by-side with the CIW at today's protest.
"It's just basic human rights, human beings need to be treated with respect. They are working very very hard and as consumers we need to care where our food comes from," McDonald said.
CIW went inside Wendy's to give the manager a letter outlining the program, but the manager refused to take it, telling them he already had a copy.
But Esquivel said they won't stop fighting.
"Our struggle in the fields continue, and we need their support in order to continue the changes we are seeing out in the field," Esquivel said.
Fox 4 reached out to Wendy's, but the corporate office is closed over the weekend.
For more information on the Fair Food Program, log onto