Clash continues between NAACP and Sheriff Scott

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Clash continues between NAACP and Sheriff Scott

CREATED Aug. 4, 2013

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - The clash between the local NAACP and Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott may take some outside help to resolve, if both parties are willing.

The NAACP sent a letter Sunday to Sheriff Scott telling him they are seeking mediation.

Chapter president James Muwakkil tells FOX 4 that he's asking the United State's Department of Justice Community Relations Service to intervene in the disagreement.

Sheriff Scott chastised the group recently after the group responded to the George Zimmerman verdict.

Scott saying the local chapter doesn't focus enough attention on the local community and violence involving young black men.

Sunday's letter from the NAACP to Sheriff Mike Scott says: "In an effort to move forward the Lee County NAACP will ask the United States Justice Department Community Relation Service  (CSRS) to provide Federal intervention and mediation: our goal ultimately is that we can find a common ground so we can work together in a  joint effort in unifying the community."

Sheriff Scott responding with some pretty strong words saying: "I am not playing games with you.  I wrote a letter as an RSVP to your invitation.  I did so to document my intentions for your event this year since my decision to not attend and/or donate is such a departure from my long running record of supporting the NAACP and being formally recognized for same by your group twice.  I see it as a local issue at best and your suggestion that the Federal Government is going to "intervene" and "mediate" is laughable.  The Federal Government is about as dysfunctional as it gets in case you have not noticed.  Since you neglected to sign your name to this correspondence, I will assume it is President James Muwakkil who is on record publically via many of the same media copied here as apologizing for the inflammatory comments you initially made.  I have also saved the voice mails you left for me on 7/19 and 7/23…perhaps interested media will listen to them.
I am a busy man and ask that you spare me additional, unsigned messages.  We agreed to disagree weeks ago so consider this my final correspondence with you regarding that matter.  As always, I stand ready to assist as able in other areas of mutual interest."

The two sides recently agreed to meet face-to-face, but that plan fell through.