City mails $0.20 check

Warren Wright

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City mails $0.20 check

CREATED Aug. 2, 2013


Some people in Cape Coral are scratching their heads... they've opened their mailboxes to find checks addressed to them from the city. the only problem ... the amount is barely worth the cost of mailing it. 
One man said he got a check for $1.50, courtesy of the City of Cape Coral. 
But believe it or not James Oberer got a check for $0.20.
James just wants the city council to know this kind of waste shouldn't be tolerated.
He explains that "it costs more to send that 20 cents then its is for paper and a stamp.and I think its ridiculous."
Connie Barron from the City of Cape Coral explained that some sewer and irrigation assessments from the 1990s were recently retired. 
Any money left over had to be redistributed back to the taxpayers.
Some people got up to 300 dollars.
But some people like James,  who weren't up on their payments, got as little as 20-cents.
Barron added that "you have to keep the money where the money is and give the money back to the people that were in that particular account...(and that) law, we can't co-mingle funds.  we cant say we'll take this 20 cents and apply it over here."
Regardless, James isn't convinced: "I think their crazy... I think their nuts... I really do."
The city says it included a letter explaining what the check is for.
Warren Wright