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Cape Coral family needs help getting son new cancer treatment

Sara Belsole

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Cape Coral family needs help getting son new cancer treatment

CREATED Aug. 11, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - At first glance, Payton Banker's room looks like any other 14-year-old's room. Posters hang on the walls and sounds from the TV fill the room.

But look closer, and you'll see an IV poll by the bed and medical supplies stacked tall on the desk.

"Payton was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma cancer in July 2009," his stepmother, Brittany Banker, said.

It's a type of brain cancer that mostly affects children. After fighting it for years, Payton relapsed in December 2011, and it's been a downward battle ever since.

"Payton is home bond, he doesn't get out of bed, he eats very little, he gets sick a lot," Brittany Banker said.

So he spends most of his day in his room, watching his favorite TV shows on Cartoon Network and eating his favorite food, cheeseburgers.

Payton tried chemotherapy and radiation, but it just made him sicker and caused seizures that left him hospitalized.

"The doctors came and and told us they didn't think he was going to wake up and they wanted us pretty much, told us it was the end of the road, to say goodbye," Brittany Banker said.

But Payton's family wasn't ready to give up, and Payton fought back.

"He is just the strongest person I know. He is a great fighter. He is such an amazing little boy," Brittany Banker said.

Now that Payton is too week for more chemo, his family is looking for other options.

"We found somewhere in Texas that has a pretty promising treatment," Brittany Banker said.

A new clinical study at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital in Houston has already helped another little boy in the same condition as Payton.

But since the treatment is out of state, Payton's insurance won't cover it.

So his family is asking for help.

"I am just trying to give him the chance he deserves at the life he deserves," Brittany Banker said.

To read more about Payton's story and to donate, head over to You can also visit Payton's Facebook Page at