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Bayshore Elementary lawn underwater, changes for school drop off

Sara Belsole

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Bayshore Elementary lawn underwater, changes for school drop off

CREATED Sep. 25, 2013
NORTH FT. MYERS, Fla. - There's a lake in the front of Bayshore Elementary.
"Unbelievable," parent Bill Hoskins, said. "It's been bad out here before but not this bad. The whole other side is all flooded out, this rain is just crazy."
Water as deep as seven inches flooded the school's front lawn, pouring out into the parking lot and covering the front pick-up lanes. The standing water made it a difficult drop-off for parents.
"I was almost stuck this morning because we went over there to the normal pick up line, it's ridiculous," parent Lisa Horsmon said.
So when it came time for the afternoon pick up, the school re-routed parents to the back bus ramp. The buses waited until parent pick up was over before loading up students. It caused about a 20 minute delay for the buses and a little more chaos than usual for parents.
"That's why I came early," Horsmon said.
While the flooding looks pretty bad, neighbors say this is nothing.
"I have actually seen it this way, actually even higher," Keith Royal said.
Royal went to Bayshore Elementary and grew up right across the street. He said he is used to seeing a flooded school in the summer.
"When I was 10 years old we used to go swimming right out there, wet and just had a bunch of fun," Royal said.
School officials said they expect the water to go down overnight, but there are some changes for tomorrow's drop off. The buses will use the front pick-up lanes and parent drop off will be at the back bus ramp.