Angry birds terrorize local neighborhood

Warren Wright

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Angry birds terrorize local neighborhood

CREATED Nov. 1, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Roosters gone wild!

Nearly a dozen chickens have taken ownership of several square blocks around Van Buren and Washington in East Fort Myers.
Neighbors say this "gang" of angry birds is led by an  extremely territorial rooster, so the neighborhood is crying foul! 
They can't figure out who, if anyone, actually owns the birds.
All they know is they've reached out to Lee County Animal Control and Fort Myers code enforcement for help- but their answers have left residents with nothing but ruffled feathers.
Its non-stop crowing and its much worse just before dawn.
Stephanie Suriel says "They're really loud and my baby ends up crying, because I live right there and they stand outside the gate and start screaming really loud."
Being loud is only just the beginning of the problems for the people living here.
Neighbor Vicki Neese says her yard is a war zone, she says "They'll come after my animals,  they'll come after me!"
And there is one bird that Ken Rohde says no one wants to mess with.
He says "The big rooster, he's a big Rhode Island Red, he just goes charging"
The people who live here say neither the city nor the county can help them.
Fort Myers is listed as a bird sanctuary.
Animal control only handles dogs, cats and ferrets. 
And as far as the city is concerned, it only has jurisdiction over confined animals and right now its illegal to have a chicken coop within the city. 
And no one is claiming ownership of the chickens
So for now, it's just the law of the jungle.
Vicki Neese says "the roosters and the chickens have taken over the neighborhood. They terrorize everybody on the street and their out here sometimes at 4:30 to 5 o'clock in the morning.
City officials say they don't have the resources to go chasing chickens.  
But people are free to hire animal contractors to clean up the neighborhood.
Warren Wright