Alert neighbor saves Cape Coral home from fire

FOX 4 Staff

Alert neighbor saves Cape Coral home from fire

CREATED Sep. 24, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Neighbors saved a Cape Coral home and its occupants Tuesday.

Just after noon, firefighters responded to a call about a residential fire in the 1800 block of SE 1st Street.  They arrived to find a pool pump on fire with flames spreading up the side of the home.

A neighbor warned a grandmother inside the house, caring for her granddaughter, to get out of the residence before firefighters arrived.

Firefighters checked the outside and inside of the home and confirmed the fire did not extend into the walls or attic. Firefighters deployed a ventilation fan to remove the smoke from inside the home and used their Thermal Imaging Camera to make sure no heat or flame had extended inside the structure. “The fire was pretty much out, just smoldering when we got here,” said Lt. Greg LaCoste. “Keeping that fire in check probably saved about $135,000 in value.”
The Cape Coral Fire Department wants to remind people that pool pumps, like any other mechanical and electrical device, needs routine maintenance to assure safe operation. Since these appliances are outside, a smoke detector may not alert you quickly until the fire has spread into the attic. Had this happened at night or without the rapid intervention of citizens, the outcome could have been much worse.