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Update on human fetus found at Cape Coral High School

Dave Culbreth

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Update on human fetus found at Cape Coral High School

CREATED Sep. 25, 2013

Cape Coral, Fla. -

A follow up tonight to a story FOX4 first brought you earlier this week about a human fetus being found at Cape Coral High School. This story has certainly created some interest as it's been reported in many major newspapers around the country and even in England.

According to the sheriff's and medical examiners office just before school started back after the summer a teacher found, "....a human specimen in a mason jar filled with formalin, inside a brown paper bag........". It was found in a cabinet, it was well preserved and had all its features. It's 8 inches long and still attached to it is an 8 1/2 inch long umbilical cord.

The report says it was a baby girl and had been 16 to 19 weeks since conception. The teacher reported it to an assistant principal who reported it to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Interviews were done and the teacher said it, "......had not been present at the close of school before summer. No documentation could be located and no teachers or the principal were aware of where it had come from."

After a FOX4 report Monday night a spokeswoman with the Lee County School District says the next day a retired teacher called and said she had it a classroom for years.

But there are still many unanswered questions, one of which is, is it legal? I made a number of calls and did some research today and never got a definitive answer on that one. The second question is obvious; How can a school have a human fetus in a jar for years and the administration not know about it? "It is the responsibility of the Lee County School Board and the superintendent to set guidelines for these classrooms and for these teachers as to what's appropriate and what's not," said former school board member Bob Chilmonik who thinks it's highly inappropriate. "No, it's not appropriate. Think about if you were in 9th grade or any age. For myself to see something like that would be disturbing to me."

Chimonik also added that nothing is inventoried in classrooms and it should be. Two other people told FOX4 News on a condition of anonymity that they were in that class back in the early 1990's and both said the teacher had told the class it was a fetus that was the product of an abortion.