Estero woman back in jail after fatal DUI crash

Gabrielle Sarann

Estero woman back in jail after fatal DUI crash

CREATED Aug. 26, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - An Estero woman accused of hitting and dragging a motorcyclist to his death is back in jail tonight. 

"I contacted the State Attorney's Office to try and get an answer," said Sandy Hubert, from the witness stand.

Hubert says since the day 55-year-old Donna Brown stepped out of jail, she's been behind the wheel at least a dozen times. Even after ler license was suspended on July 3. Video Hubert took on August 8 is proof. It shows Brown walking to a car in her driveway and pulling out.
"That is what our neighborhood cannot understand, is how she was able to drive so shortly after," explained Hubert.
It's why on Monday, Judge Margaret Steinbeck revoked Brown's bond. She sat in court barely reacting to the decision.
"Ms. Brown, your bond is hereby revoked," said Judge Steinbeck.
On May 10, Brown was arrested on charges of DUI Manslaughter for hitting and killing 54-year-old Carl Partrick, who friends called Ed. The Florida Highway Patrol says Brown was making a U-turn onto US 41 in Estero, when she struck Patrick on his Harley Davidson and dragged him under her Lexus SUV for three miles. The same day, Brown bonded out of jail on $70,000. Toxicology reports show both Brown and Patrick were drunk at the time of the accident and had drugs in their system. 
"Do you have any concerns for your safety?" a prosecutor asked Hubert. "Absolutely," she said. "For my safety, for my neighbors, for the kids that ride the bikes in our neighborhood."
Friends of Patrick turned out keeping him close to their hearts. Many wore shirts saying 'In Memory of Special Ed... Just sayin.' It's a way of keeping Patrick's memory and friendship alive. 
"I feel good about [the outcome]," said Joe Licini, a friend of Patrick's. "Like the rest of us, justice is finally served today."
At the end of the hearing, Brown's attorney asked Judge Steinbeck to consider a new bond. She said she'll consider it but likely deny the request.