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Three men charged after foiled kidnap plot

Andrew Murphy

Three men charged after foiled kidnap plot

CREATED Jul. 29, 2013

CAPE CORAL - Lee County Sheriffs have arrested three Cape Coral men and charged them with conspiracy and other charges after they say the men planned to kidnap and torture a Georgia business owner who owed them money. 

According to sheriffs, the men were gathering firearms, masks, body armor and various other items to aid in the execution of their plan.
After conducting an investigation the Sheriffs Department arrested the men as they left for Georgia Monday morning.
Mohamed Aly, 40, Cornell Bunting, 32, and Earl Polack 33 were charged with three counts each of conspiracy, three counts of solicitation to kidnap, 
one count of conspiracy to attempt robbery with firearm and one count of solicitation of robbery with a firearm.
The men have been taken to the Lee County Correctional Facility for processing.