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High bacteria levels keep beach-goers out of Cape Coral water


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High bacteria levels keep beach-goers out of Cape Coral water

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Jul 6, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Brittany Fowler and Dominick Mraz spent Saturday building sand castles at the Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach.

But the fun stopped there.

The Lee County Health Department closed the beach Wednesday because of high levels of bacteria in the water.

Fowler is visiting from Philadelphia and said the dirty water ruined her holiday weekend.
"It's pretty bad. In Philadelphia, we don't have any close beaches. The nearest one is New Jersey so we were looking forward to coming here and it's a disappointment," Fowler said.
The bacteria comes from things like storm water and sewage. And while the beach was pretty empty, local residents say they are used to water quality problems.
"It happens pretty often after storms here, especially after hurricanes or the rain we've been getting," Cape Coral resident Danielle Zembower said.
Zembower let her three-year-old daughter, Annabella, play in the water.
"She just puts her feet in," Zembower said. "We make sure we shower off before we go and wash her hands."
But for Fowler and Mraz and those staying out of the water, they had to find other ways to cool off.
"The shower is helpful, Gatorade, water," they said.
The beach will be closed until at least Tuesday, when the Environmental Protection Agency comes back out to do another test on the water.


Sara Belsole

Sara Belsole

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Sara Belsole is a video journalist for FOX 4