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Former Southwest Florida cop in trouble again

Barry Miller

Former Southwest Florida cop in trouble again

CREATED Jul. 1, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A Former Southwest Florida Law Enforcement Officer who has been in trouble for everything from a racy video tape to hitting golf balls in the office is now under arrest for stealing.
Cape Coral Police say they have surveillance tape of Gina Wiseley stealing an I-Pad from Wal-Mart on Del Prado Boulevard.
Wiseley became infamous years ago when she was a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy.
Video surfaced of her lifting her shirt and touching herself in Key West which happened during her second stint at the Sheriffs office.
During her first stint she was fired for several reasons including hitting golf balls in the office.
A lawsuit forced the Sheriff's office to re-hire her.
More recently she was fired from the Punta Gorda Police Department amid accusations she showed the racy video tape to an on-duty officer.
Wisely is charged with grand theft in the stolen I-Pad case.
Cape Police say at first she admitted to stealing the I-Pad but has since stopped cooperating with investigators.