FGCU documentary captures Dunk City fever

FGCU documentary captures Dunk City fever

By Gabrielle Sarann. CREATED Jun 19, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Fort Myers was put on the map back in March when the FGCU mens basketball team made it to the NCAA tournament. Today, a documentary premiere captured that rise to fame.

Excitement at FGCU. Fans of all ages kept Dunk City fever sizzling. 

"Seeing all those dunks, i was like 'oh my gosh, i just relived it'," said Rachel Fos, a student at the university.

Fort Myers retiree, Tom Nomina, added, "You gotta be here!" he said. "Basketball it's important. I could have been fishing but what's more important?"

They're among hundreds who filled the Cohen Center Ballroom for a half-hour documentary premier called "Dunk City: We Are FGCU."

"It was such a joy to work on because everyone was always smiling and happy," said Chris Nealon, who produced the film."Every time i sat down to work on it that, energy was always there."

In March, that energy propelled the FGCU mens basketball team to the NCAA tournament for the first time. 

"I went and spoke at my high school camp," said Chase Fieler, a player.

Fieler says more kids from his West Virginia hometown now want to study at FGCU. 

"They're talking about it," Fieler said. "Telling their parents they want to come. Their parents are telling me that's all they talk about."

The university says its athletic page got so many hits the server crashed multiple times. A sign many hope will mean more applicants and another sweet ride to the Sweet 16. 

"We're going to try to continue that," said Joe Dooley, the team's new coach. "But most importantly, we're going to keep developing players and give ourselves the best chance we can to win."

Nomina concluded, "They'll be going to the big dance."

As for whether the university's received more applications, administrators say those numbers won't be out until the fall. 

Gabrielle Sarann

Gabrielle Sarann

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