Jeep crashes into Cape Coral canal

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Jeep crashes into Cape Coral canal

CREATED Jun. 14, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - The driver of a Jeep had to be rescued after he crashed into a Cape Coral canal shortly before 11:30 this morning. A quick thinking Cape Coral police officer was the one who jumped in to save the man, Fox 4's Chris Day caught up with the officer to get the whole story.

Just before noon someone called the cape coral police department saying a car was sinking into a canal.

"I didn't know if there was someone in the car when i got there. when i got there, there was definitely a car in the canal. and there were two men in the water saying that there was a male driver behind the wheel that would not get out."

And once officer Stephen Burkhart heard that, he had only one mission.


"not really worried about if theres an alligator in the water, or if i'm going to step on something sharp or any of that. just get this guy out of his car so we can both get out of here."

As he swam up to the car, the officer quickly realized it would'nt be easy getting the driver out.

"I asked him to open the door a few times and he just wasn't responding. like he'd seen a ghost i guess."

So burkhart grabbed his police issued baton, and took matters into his own hands. literally.



"At that point i knew we had like maybe 30 seconds or so before the car sunk, so i just broke out the glass and jerked him out of the car"

Burkhart says he was only doing his job, that every cape coral police officer is fully trained to handle such situations in a city full of canals... but none the less, he hopes he does'nt have to do it again.