Alpacas recovering after Charlotte County wreck


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Alpacas recovering after Charlotte County wreck

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Jun 4, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The four alpacas involved in the Charlotte County crash on I-75 Tuesday have been given a clean bill of health.

The alpacas were on the way home from Homosassa Springs, where they were being bred. All four are pregnant.

Sonoma, Oreo, Cookie Crisp and Calamity Jane had a few minor bumps and bruises from the crash. They recovered at their home at Club Care Landscaping in Buckingham today.

After yesterday's wreck, the animals were transported to Van Roekel and Associates for treatment. 

"Usually we have trailer accidents with horses or with cattle so this was my first time with alpacas," Dr. Dennis Van Roekel said.

Van Roekel said it's too soon to know if the accident affected the babies, but is optimistic. He said,  "They didn't seem to be stressed too much so I think they will be fine with the pregnancy."
Club Care Landscaping owns seven alpacas and is planning for more. If all goes well, four babies will be born next spring. 


Sara Belsole

Sara Belsole

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