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Authorities investigate suspicious car fire

Gabrielle Sarann

Authorities investigate suspicious car fire

CREATED Jun. 3, 2013

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - It's been a rough few days for  23-year-old Danielle Mitchell. "This is the worst, threatening thing that has ever happened to me," said Mitchell.

Around 4 a.m. on Sunday, Mitchell and her two small children were sleeping when a woman driving by stopped at her Lehigh Acres home. She started banging on the back window.
"She told me do not go to the front door," said Mitchell. "Do not go out the front door. Come out now!"
So, Mitchell grabbed her kids sleeping in the living room.
"I ran outside in tears, panicking," said Mitchell. "[I was] scared in my pajamas, my kids scared."
Her 4-year-old daughter, added, "I'm scared of everything."
Especially the trail of flames leading from the garage to what Mitchell spent a year saving up for.
"My car just started exploding we heard like two booms two big booms," recalled Mitchell. "The ground, everything on fire. "I didn't know if someone did it purposely to hurt me."
State fire marshall's confirm this is arson. They say her black Toyota Avalon was broken into. The fire set from the inside.
"I have to start all over," said Mitchell.
Because for Michell, who's four months pregnant, it's the destinations she reached with her car that meant the most.
"I'm going through a high risk pregnancy," said Mitchell. "I'm a student at Edison College. I have goals and plans and i'm just crushed."
Fire investigators say they're interviewing several suspects but no arrests have been made.