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Viewers Voice: Concerns over ObamaCare Funds

Miriam Zamorano

Viewers Voice: Concerns over ObamaCare Funds

CREATED Apr. 25, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -The topic of health care front and center for the Florida state legislature on whether to accept $51 billion in ObamaCare.

In Southwest Florida, Lee Memorial's CEO worries rejecting the money could cause needless suffering for the uninsured.
"If we're going to pass these dollars up we are in essence taking dollars that are presently in the state and not bringing them back and I think that is bad public policy," said Jim Nathan.
State Representative Matt Caldwell says that ObamaCare money has strings attached and could be managed more efficiently through a privately run program instead of a federal one.
Janice posted on our Facebook page saying she worked most of her life and can't afford preventative health care. She writes, "I could not afford any extras and now being unable to afford preventative health care I'm unable to work and have major health issues...I'm lucky and blessed to finally be on disability. We badly need the funding for the legally working poor!!"
Thomas wrote, "I'm self employed, my health insurance has doubled since the "affordable" health care act was rammed through congress."