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St. Matthew's House gets a $6 million dollar donation

Julie Salomone

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St. Matthew's House gets a $6 million dollar donation

CREATED Apr. 23, 2013

NAPLES, Fla.- The St. Matthew's House is a non-profit and homeless shelter. It's been in the Naples community for 26 years. The non-profit announced on Tuesday it has received a $6 million dollar donation and they will use the money to purchase an old car dealership on Airport-Pulling Road in Naples.

CEO of the St. Matthew's House Vann Ellison is excited about the possibilities that lie in the old car dealership.

"This is the biggest single we've gift ever received. It certainly marks a real new phase in what we do."

Ellison says the area which was once the show room floor will be turned into a thrift store.

"Upstairs will have administrative offices and a catering kitchen, maybe a coffee shop."

Ellison says he has no plans to expand the current shelter on Airport Road to the property they will purchase.

"We won't have any of the traditional shelter operations here. We won't have a shelter, we won't have a soup kitchen, none of these things at this new property." 

Ellison says instead the opportunity will allow the non-profit to become more independent and not have to rely so much on donations.

"In the future, we want our thrift stores to be such a vital revenue sources so we don't have to ask donors to give."

Ellison says this donation, no doubt, helps their overall mission: to feed the hungry and house the homeless.The $6 million dollar donation was given by the Holecek Family Trust.