Retired NYPD talks about Boston bombings

Liza Fernandez

Retired NYPD talks about Boston bombings

CREATED Apr. 16, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Bruce Smith retired from the NYPD after the 9/11 terror attacks.

But he says it's hard to just sit on his hands when something like the Boston Bombings happens no matter how long he's been off duty.

"You kinda feel like... it's in our nature. When you're a cop, in the military... like you want to do something," says Bruce.

And the images coming out of Boston only remind him of the brothers and sisters he lost.

"John was a fireman, he never came out of 9/11. I lost 67 friends in a matter of hours... Then you hear the Boston thing. It's upsetting," he says.

But Bruce adds, he wasn't surprised to hear about what are now being called "terroristic" bombings in Boston.

"If we don't start remembering our past, then these things are going to keep happening. We're not very liked in the world."

Bruce just hopes the intention behind this act,  the memory of the victims and efforts of the heroes endure... this time.

"It's the real people, the cops, the firemen, the nurses, the regular every day people who stepped up to plate and swung some home runs," Bruce remembers.

"When you're a first responder, you got a deal with everything. And it doesn't hit you until a couple of months later because you gotta deal with your job you gotta deal with every thing that's going on."

What could help prevent terroristic events like the Boston bombings, says Bruce? ...Something Americans have resisted taking on, and that's more security.