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Cape Coral tax increase hearing

Chris Day

Cape Coral tax increase hearing

CREATED Apr. 3, 2013

Cape Coral, Fla. - Residents may soon pay an extra 150 dollars in taxes each year in Cape Coral. City council members met Wednesday night to explain the possible increase, as well as getting reaction from the community.

Mayor John Sullivan is opposed to the increase saying he would rather see the council make decisive budget cuts, but city manager John Szerlag disagrees.

He proposed the possible increase by adding a fire assesment and public service tax to solve a 20 million dollar defecit.

However, the city council will consider a reduction in the milage rate.

So far both sides have been voiced, including Betty Dill who has lived in Cape Coral for more than 30 years. She says she wants to see the city continue to grow, and that we do need the extra money in the budget.