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Impact fees for Lee County

Barry Miller

Impact fees for Lee County

CREATED Mar. 12, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A packed chamber at Wednesday's Lee County Commission meeting and the hot topic is whether commissioners should vote to reduce or get rid of the fees developers pay the county when they build houses and commercial properties.

For almost two hours commissioners took public comment some for and some against the idea.

The building industry also showing up in force, all in favor of getting rid of the fees and saying the move will spur growth and increase the tax base as more people buy property.

Those against the idea, including dozens of taxpayers and the Lee County School District say the county will lose millions calling it a move to subsidize builders.

Ultimately all commissioners except Frank Mann voted to reduce the fees by eighty percent for the next two years.  Basically it ends up being a ten-grand discount to the builders on the average price of a new home but will cost the county more than five million by some estimates.

Commissioner Frank Mann says taxpayers will have to pick up the tab to repair roads and build parks.

Colleen Hogan
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