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School bus hero honored on Facebook page


Photo: Video by fox4now.com

School bus hero honored on Facebook page

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Mar 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 5, 2013
Fort Myers, Fla - Four in Your Corner has been getting a flood of calls in support of a Fort Myers teen who reportedly wrestled a gun away from a fellow student on a school bus. 
It's gotten national attention, some for the right reason and some for the wrong reason. 
"They should be thankful to the brave students that prevented this from being another school tragedy," says Sara Hawley. She's one of two mothers who started a Facebook page after seeing the story on FOX4 News. 
"At least the school will see that the public supports this young man and his bravery," says Hawley. 
She and Karen Kain came up with the idea after they realized the teenager who took charge, and took a gun away from another kid had actually gotten suspended.
"Utter disbelief....shock. I wish he was there at Sandy Hook where he could have wrestled the gun away from the other guy. It's a shame that he would be suspended for doing something heroic".
Something they couldn't help but wonder is what if the one teen had not taken the gun away from the other? 
"We'd probably have the entire nation with news cameras in Ft. Myers," she added. "So, yea, I think it would be a totally different story".
They say they don't know anyone involved, they just felt that someone should step up and do what the kid did, the right thing.
"I think it's great when people stand up and want to reward when somebody does the right thing instead of sitting back and complaining about all that's wrong".
Also wanting to step up and do the right thing is Mike Yates, who lives in Orlando, where he heard about the incident.
"I felt that in this world there's a lot of bad and not a lot of people doing anything to stop it and I wanted the kid to know that he did a good thing," said Yates. "In my opinion, heroes should be celebrated".
Yates says he's not sure exactly what he wants to give the boy but FOX4 News has put him in touch with the boy's mother and they are discussing it.
FOX4 News attempted to contact the principal to get her comment about all of this but no one has responded yet.
The school's address is; Cypress Lake High School, 6750 Panther Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33919
The Facebook Page is: "Support the School Bus Hero".