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Offshore oil drilling video mystery

Mike Mason

Offshore oil drilling video mystery

CREATED Feb. 21, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb. 22, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It's a video we're told the U.S. government wants you to watch, but our cameras were not allowed to show you.

FOX 4 News came across a woman in Fort Myers going door to door, claiming to be a government worker, paid to show you a video.  We were told it involves offshore drilling, but FOX 4 Investigator Mike Mason discovered a twist.

A woman came uninvited to Mike's home saying she worked for the U.S. Government.  Her paid job is to show people a 75 minute long video.

Mike asked if he could watch it online later and she said no, that she would have to show it to Mike then and there.

He took her up on the offer but then a strange twist.  Her boss decided she couldn't show it to him.

Victoria Metz has been knocking doors in Fort Myers asking residents to watch the video from the Department of Commerce about oil drilling off the Florida coast.

Victoria told Mike the video is intended to educate voters about it and that was all she was allowed to say.

Mike asked, "So this is funded by the US government right?"  Victoria answer, "Yes."
Mike asked again, So you're going door to door to show people this video and you're not telling them anything about it afterwards?"  To which Victoria replied, "Absolutely not."

Victoria agreed to come to Mike's home and show him the video.  But when Mike explained he was a news reporter and a cameraman would document Victoria as she set up her equipment, she revealed a little about what would happen.  This exchange followed.

Mike:  "We cannot videotape this?
Victoria:"No you cannot."
Mike: "Okay so I can't show any of these images, I have to watch it and make up my own mind?"
Victoria: "Yes, you do. That's what the whole purpose of this is."
Mike: "Is it a secret video?"
Victoria: "No, it's not a secret video we just don't want anybody to bias their materials, they want you to have your sole opinion without anyone else's discretion."
Mike: "Okay."
Victoria: "That's the way this goes."

Finally Victoria went outside to call her boss to make sure it was okay to show the video to a reporter.  She came back 10 minutes later and told Mike he couldn't watch it after all.

Mike "Even as a citizen I can't watch that video now?
Victoria: "No, sorry. We'll have somebody contact you from the Department.")

Victoria gathered up her equipment and left.  So Mike went knocking on doors to ask anyone if they had seen this secret video.

Lorenzo Delfin says Victoria paid him a visit but he didn't have time to watch it.
Mike: "What did she say the video was about?"
Lorenzo Delfin: "It was an oil spill and she works with the Department of Commerce."
Mike: "So she said it was about an oil spill? Did she tell you anything else?"
Lorenzo: "That's the only thing I remember."

Mike spoke with another resident on the phone who said he did see the video but wasn't allowed to discuss its contents.

So we called the Department of Commerce and at this point they also wanted to know who this woman is and what she's up to.

Mike has been talking with the Department of Commerce for the past two days.  He found they're investigating the issue but at this time they can't confirm a thing.  When they do, Mike Mason will let you know what he's found.