Punta Gorda resident scammed out almost $27K

FOX 4 Staff

Punta Gorda resident scammed out almost $27K

CREATED Feb. 20, 2013

PUNTA FORDA, Fla. - Punta Gorda police says a resident there lost almost $27,000 in a sweepstakes scam.

The resident received a phone call from a "Rebecca Miller," claiming to represent "The American Dream Sweepstakes."

The victim was told she had won a $450,000 sweepstakes.  She was told since the award was coming to Florida from New York she would have to pay $4,850 fee. 

Several days later the victim was contacted again and told to send several more thousand dollars in fees and taxes.

Punta Gorda police want to remind everyone if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't.