Zombiecon, dying in the streets?


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Zombiecon, dying in the streets?

By Chris Day. CREATED Feb 14, 2013

Changes for an annual fall tradition in downtown fort myers .. where people dress up as "the walking dead!" organizers of "zombiecon" have re-named it "zombie-fest."

And they're moving the zombies off the streets and under one roof. as four in your corner's chris day shows you .. that idea is "dead" in the water with some zombies and business owners!
"it really helps a lot of people, keeps everyone employed in here"
Pizza shop amanager steve sepulveda says during the annual zombie celebration in october, business is scary good
"we have a line out the door from 5pm all the way until like 3 in the morning"
And he's worried he's going to lose that business now that the organizers of the zombie event want to move it off the streets of downtwon fort myers ... and into harborside event center. one of the organizers tells us by phone . .it just makes sense .. since the event can be .. messy. 
"instead of spending a huge budget on big cleanup efforts to try to cleanup half the city, you can save that money and put it more into entertainment or production to make it a better event"
But *maybe not better for businesses like this pizza shop. some of the folks who go to the event every year are also bummed. 
"its born and raised out here, i don't think we should change it"
Trent whitaker says it's just not the same to have zombies bumping into each other in the convention center .. instead of wandering the streets!
"i think that takes away a lot of what it is... its supposed to be a zombie apocalypse, a suburban outbreak, how can you really portray that in a building?"
Organizers say one thing will stay the same.. the event's charitable mission .. they'll continue to collect food and blood donations. what do you think about the changes for the zombie celebration? tell us on facebook dot com slash fox four now. 
Chris Day

Chris Day

Chris Day is a video journalist for FOX 4