Viewers voice: officer accused of hitting K9

Miriam Zamorano

Viewers voice: officer accused of hitting K9

CREATED Feb. 14, 2013


CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Fellow officers say they saw officer George Sanford with the Fort Myers Police Department punch his assigned K9 named "Euro" during a training session. 

According to a report, officers say when they confronted Sanford about hitting his dog he admitted to it saying, "Euro tried to bite me in the hand and I smacked him in the nose two to three times, okay."

The report also states the department's lead K9 trainer said he witnessed Sanford hit his dog twice before.

Sanford got the dog back and has been ordered to seek counseling and more training.

Many of you don't think that's enough.

"It's heart breaking and the fact that they sent it back to that guy is absolutely absurd. That was an attack on a police officer!" said Sandy.

Another caller is looking for more to be done and said, "He assaulted an officer. If he assaulted a human officer he would be going to jail but because it's an animal that makes it OK?"

Patty Fort Myers added, "If he's going to be cruel to the dog in front of people, behind closed doors, I'm sure he's going to be a lot more cruel."

Alicia from Lehigh Acres thinks someone has to protect the dog and said, "Because it doesn't talk doesn't mean that we can't fight for his rights"